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Jasper Engines & Transmissions has been providing quality products for over 68 years! Another great advantage of JASPER Engines & Transmissions is that their products are remanufactured in the U.S.A. When you install a remanufactured JASPER transmission you are recycling.
​The transmission is made up of gears, clutches, and controllers. Transmission Fluid cools and lubricate the internal parts.

Automatic Transmission Fluid is pressurized by the transmission oil pump that is driven by the engine. The pressurized fluid flows through the transmission to engage and disengage the clutches and actuators. A valve body, usually located at the bottom of the transmission, controls the fluid flow to these clutches and actuators. Clutches are attached to the planetary gear sets that create the different gears in the transmission. The transmission fluid keeps moving parts inside the transmission lubricated and cooled.

The torque converter is a fluid coupling that connects the engine to the transmission. At slow engine speeds the torque converter slips to allow the engine to continue running even when the vehicle is stopped. As engine speed increases, the torque converter transfers power to the transmission.

Transmission Fluid collects inside the sump or oil pan at the bottom of the transmission before being sucked back up by the oil pump.