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Proper tire maintenance is key not only for longer tire life, but also for your safety. Balancing, rotations, yearly alignment checks, and periodic suspension and steering component checks play important roles in tire maintenance. 

At home though, proper tire pressure and physically examining your tires at least once a month can go a long way. 

If you start to notice differences in the ride or handling of your vehicle, seek immediate professional advice. Your life rides on your tires. 

Call to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant with any questions or concerns. 

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Do I really need to get an alignment when buying a new set of tires?

By not getting a wheel alignment done at the same time as getting a full set of tires, you can significantly decrease the life of your tires. After spending all that money to replace them it would be a pity to cut their life short because of opting out of getting a four wheel alignment.

Vehicles are composed of steering and suspension parts and those parts have wear points. These spots are usually bushings, ball joints, and other mechanical components. A four wheel alignment adjusts the vehicle to meet the original factory specs which helps minimize tire wear and allows for a smoother ride and handling.

Alignments on vehicles come out of specs, that is, out of manufacturer specifications, because of our roads and driving conditions. Other causes include those curbs that came out of nowhere or those pot-holes, which can do some damage when it comes to wheel alignments as well as wheel balancing. Not getting a wheel alignment while replacing tires results in poor handling and cornering and a considerable increase in tire wear.

Posted with the permission of Virtual Vehicle MD.