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Tire Pressure Importance - Houston's Premier Auto Repair Facility

Maintaining proper pressure is vital and one of the easiest ways to help your tires reach their useful life. The two tire pressure conditions are under inflation and over inflation.

Over- or under-finlated tires cause uneven tread wear around the circumference of the tire.

An over inflated tire creates a slight bulge in the center of the tire. Overtime, this section of the tire becomes more worn that the rest of the tire. If the problem is not caught and corrected soon enough, the tread could completely wear away in the center while having good tread on the outside edges of the tire. An under inflated tire creates concavity in the tire putting more pressure on the edges of the tire. If a tire is run for a long time being under inflated, the edges of the tread can wear out completely while still having good tread in the center. Tire pressure is an extremely important factor for long term tire health. 

Certain precautions must be taken in order to ensure that tires wear evenly. An over inflated tire creates a slight bulge in the center of the tread. This causes the center of the tread to wear quicker than the edges. On the other hand, an under inflated tire tread is concave, causing the edges tow ear quicker than the center section of the tread. Tire cupping appears as a cupped or dished tread on the eyes of the tire. t is usually caused by worn or bent suspension parts, like a worn shock absorber.

Posted with the permission of Virtual Vehicle MD.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

This system helps consumers be aware when their vehicle's tire pressure goes lower than a specified value. A sensor at the tires sends a notification to the vehicle's computer when a tire is low.

It is important not to solely rely on this system. Many times the specified value can be 10 psi lower than the recommended pressure psi (pounds per square inch of pressure). Damage to tires can still occur because of this range some vehicles utilize. It is recommended to check your tire pressure once per month, especially if you are wanting to protect the investment of your tires. 

At Professional Auto Care we inspect and correct tire pressure with each Service Smart℠ and Courtesy Check Out during your service visit.