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Suspension Component: Lower Control Arm - Houston's Premier Auto Repair Facility

The control arm bushing consists of a rubber insert surrounded by an outer metal sleeve with a smaller metal sleeve pressed inside. It is pressed inside the ends of the control arm and the elasticity of the bushing allows the control arm to pivot up and down. The rubber insert also acts as a shock absorber to provide a smoother ride.

Over time, the rubber in the bushing can deteriorate. This causes looseness in the connection between the control arm and the subframe of the vehicle. this can lead to clunking noises under braking and acceleration and uneven tire wear.

Have your vehicle suspension system checked by an ASE Certified Technician in Steering & Suspension. 

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Tip: You need to also have your alignment checked and/or adjusted after any suspension part replacement. 

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Function: ​Joins the wheel hub to the vehicle frame allowing for a full range of motion while maintaining proper suspension alignment.

Signs of Wear: Uneven tire wear, suspension noise or misalignment, steering wheel shimmy or vibration.