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The sway bar link usually connects the end of the sway bar to an unsprung part of the vehicle -- like the bottom of the strut assembly. The sway bar link is normally a long rod with ball joints on each end. Some sway bar links just have threaded ends rather than ball joints. 

As the car corners, the vehicle's body has a tendency to roll towards the outside of the corner. The sway bar creates torsional resistance so that the roll of the body is reduced. This helps to keep the maximum tire area on the road, ensuring the highest possible level of grip.

It is common for the ball joint sockets in the sway bar links to become worn. When this happens the sway bar will still function, but will make excesive noise when hitting bumps or cornering. In some cases, the sway bar link can break, leaving the sway bar completely ineffective. Without the torsional resistance of the sway bar, the vehicle will experience more body roll when cornering. 

The sway bar link connects the sway bar to an unmoving part of the vehicle. A worn joint can cause excessive movement and noise.

Have your vehicle suspension system checked by an ASE Certified Technician in Steering & Suspension. 

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Tip: You need to also have your alignment checked and/or adjusted after any suspension part replacement. 

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Function: ​Works with the stabilizer bar to reduce body lean and roll while cornering.

Signs of Wear: Excessive body lean when cornering.

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