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Professional Auto Care helps students by providing student discounts with a valid student identification card on any repair and maintenance services. Student Identification must be shown at the time of drop off and pick up as the student discount is non transferable and valid only on the student's vehicle. The student discount is 5% off parts up to $25.00 and 5% off labor up to $25.00 for a maximum savings of $50.00 per service visit.  

Houston is full of part time and full time students who rely on their vehicles to go back and forth to school. We understand the importance of having your vehicle safe and reliable. Everardo highly recommends students enroll in the Service Smart program. Starting to understand your car and creating goals is the first steps in being a responsible vehicle owner.

Asking yourself, how long do you want this car to last you? What are the most pressing safety items needing attention? What are items that would be beneficial to have done on the vehicle if planning on keeping the vehicle long term (more than one year)?