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​The steering system enables you to steer your vehicle in the desired direction.

There are two basic types of steering systems: a rack-and-pinion system and a conventional/integral steering gear system, also known as "recirculating ball."

Rack-and-pinion systems are the most commonly used today. The steering shaft turns a gear that moves the "rack" side-to-side, thereby turning the vehicle's wheels.

Conventional/integral steering gear systems are used most often on trucks. With this design, the steering wheel shaft connects to a gear assembly and a series of links/arms that turn the wheels to the left or right. 

Ask about our Steering and Suspension Evaluation!

  • ​​System Inspection

         The steering and suspension system's health affects other aspects of the vehicle, such as alignments, having an ASE                Certified Technician examine your vehicle gives you the peace of mind other components, such as your alignment,              are not being affected.

  • Detailed Report

         Receive a break down of the current state of the steering and suspension components and clearly explained problem          areas in simple terms. Not only what problems are found in the steering and suspension system, but why

  • Expert Recommendation

         Receiving expert advice will give you the peace of mind of not only what issues were found if any, but also an action            plan to meet your vehicle needs.

Items included in the Steering and Suspension Evaluation: