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Steering Component: Tie Rod End - Houston's Premier Auto Repair Facility

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Function: ​Transfers motion from the steering linkage to the wheel hub assembly.

Signs of Wear: Rough or stuttered steering, play in steering wheel, inner or outer tire-edge wear.

The outer tie rod end has a ball joint that is connected to the steering knuckle. The tie rods transit force from the steering rack and pinion to the steering knuckle, which causes the wheels to change direction. As a result of heavy steering impacts or normal wear, the nylon insert that surrounds the ball in the socket wears out, causing closeness in the joint. This can cause clunking noises, and alignment problems, which can cause the tire to wear more rapidly.

The tie rods pull and push the wheels in the correct directions. 

Have your vehicle steering system checked by an ASE Certified Technician in Steering & Suspension. 

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Tip: You need to also have your alignment checked and/or adjusted after any suspension part replacement.