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Steering Component: Rack-and-Pinion Steering Assembly - Houston's Premier Auto Repair Facility

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Function: ​A long, steer bar that is meshed with the pinion gear and connected to the tie rods that turn the front wheels.

Signs of Wear: Excessive "play" in steering wheel, steering wheel vibration or shaking, unusual noises.

The steering rack and pinion transfer power from the steering wheel to the wheels of the car. The steering wheel is connected to the steering rack and pinion by a steering shaft. As the steering wheel turns, the steering shaft turns the input shaft on the rack and pinion. The rotational movement of the steering shaft is translated into horizontal movement inside the steering rack. This is done as the pinion gear moves a toothed rack from side to side.

It is possible for the seals in the steering rack an pinion to wear out, especially if the power steering fluid is contaminated. A center seal leak will result in a loss of power -- but no visual symptoms -- whereas a leaking end seal will be shown as a visual leak from the bellows boots.  A leaking center seal will not allow fluid to escape the system, but reduces the amount of assistance in the system, making the steering wheel harder to turn. If one of the end seals is leaking, fluid will be seen leaking out of the bellows boots near the tie rods.

Any problems with the steering system should be resolved right away.

Have your vehicle steering system checked by an ASE Certified Technician in Steering & Suspension. 

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Tip: You need to also have your alignment checked and/or adjusted after any suspension part replacement.