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Starting and Charging System | Starting and Charging System Components | Video

Trouble Starting? Or Vehicle not starting at all?

Take the mystery out of the Starting & Charging System

Few things are more frustrating when going out to start your vehicle and it does not turn on or if it does, it seemed to have struggled, leaving you with the worry of becoming stranded somewhere...

The charging system includes the alternator, voltage regulator and connected wiring. Its purpose is to keep the battery charged while the vehicle is being operated. The starting system includes components such as the ignition switch, starter motor, battery and connected wiring. The starter motor rotates the engine until it can rotate on its own power.

The alternator is connected to the accessory drive belt system. As the belt turns, it spins the alternator. The alternator produces AC voltage that is converted to DC voltage by the bridge rectifier. A normal output voltage of the alternator is 14.4 volts - enough to charge a 12 volt battery.

When a vehicle is started, current flows from the closed ignition switch to the starter solenoid. Sometimes the park/neutral safety switch is placed in this circuit and will only allow current to the starter if the transmission is placed in Park or Neutral.

Once the starter solenoid is activated, it pushes the starter pinion gear outwards so that it engages with the flywheel ring gear. At the same time, it also allows current to the starter motor, causing the pinion gear to spin. The spinning pinion gear rotates the flywheel until the engine can rotate on its own.

Take the mystery out of and give yourself peace of mind by having an ASE Certified Technician inspect the Starting and Charging system. It is important to verify the problem and more importantly the cause of the problem. Before you know it, you could be making a few trips to the auto mechanic and never really having getting to the source of the problem. Or worse, pay for something and not know what exactly you paid for...

All our testing is performed by an ASE Certified Technician and you can be rest assured even after finding the problem they will recheck the system to verify there are no parasites in the system which could sabotage the recently performed work.

Call now to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant to discuss our proven testing procedure and give yourself the peace of mind having certified personnel handling your automotive needs. (713) 270-0474.

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