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Have your vehicle evaluated by an ASE Certified Professional today!

Service Smart℠ is a program designed to empower our clients to take control of their repair and maintenance needs by helping them define car care goals through personalized maintenance schedules.

How does the program work?

Each time your vehicle comes to Professional Auto Care it will be looked over in regards to safety, repair and maintenance. If any items are found to be needing attention during the examination process, they are placed in order of priority in relation to safety, repair and maintenance.  

What is included in your first and future Service Smart℠ Check Outs?

  • A thorough look over the vehicle in regards to safety, repair and maintenance
  • Detailed non biased report(s) listing all items found during the inspection process and placed in order of priority
  • A creation of a custom maintenance program depending on manufacture's recommendations, industry standards, and client's personal driving habits. 
  • Items inspection during each visit: Full Road Test (ODBII, fluid levels, idle speed, misfires, motor mounts, alignment, cv joints, engine hesitation, power brake, transmission shifting, brake shudder, struts/shocks, wheel bearings, instruments), Basic Computer Scan, Exterior Examination, interior Examination, Visual Inspection of the Heating Air Conditioning and Ventilation System, Brake System, Cooling System, Differential, Drive Line, Engine, Evaporative Emission System, Exhaust, Fuel System, Power Steering System, Suspension System, Steering System, Tires and Transmission
  • Service Smart℠ does not include higher level diagnostics 

Benefits of Service Smart℠

  • Complete peace of mind while you are on the road, knowing your vehicle is thoroughly checked with every service visit
  • Proactive with manufacture and extended warranty repairs before they expire to avoid paying out of pocket repair expense
  • Prevent losing protection plans. Passing service intervals is one of the main reasons of warranty loss
  • 2 years/24,000 mile, which ever comes first, warranty on majority of services
  • Priority scheduling
  • Allows the client to budget how much their vehicle is going to cost them just by examining their mileage
  • Saturday reservations exclusively for Service Smart℠ clients
  • Unlimited check outs during the year enrollment period at Professional Auto Care
  • Additional exclusive saving offers available only to Service Smart℠ clients on the online store
  • Access to service bulletins and recall information