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Appearance/Symptoms: Belt may appear shiny. Belt material may be soft and spongy. Top of belt ribs may be pointed rather than flat. Tensile cords may be visible at bottom of belt grooves.

Cause: Coolant, oil or other fluid leak. Fluids may soften rubber compounds and allow belt rips to "bottom out" in pulley grooves creating pointed rib profile.

Solution: Repair coolant, oil or fluid leak to prevent further contamination. Clean pulley surfaces. Replace belt.

Or ASE Certified Technicians have under gone extensive training to properly identify problems in relation to your vehicle belts, belt tensioners, and belt pulleys. Our staff members have received Certificates of Excellence by Gates Corporation in Accessory Belt System Training. Our ASE Certified Service Consultants have the tools and research to ensure they install the proper belt for your vehicle to ensure best component performance and long component life.

Your car's accessory drive belt works in a hostile environment. First of all, powers the alternator, AC compressor, water pump, and other accessories that make your vehicle ride safe and comfortable-while enduring blistering summer heat, freezing winter chill, and assault by stones, dirt, oil, and moisture.

This punishment places a great deal of stress on the car belt(s), which will eventually wear out.

Have your vehicle car belts checked today by an ASE Certified Technician.

Schedule service today to visit our auto repair facility on the southwest side of Houston if you need to have your vehicle belt replaced. Just a short drive from Sugar Land and Bellaire.