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About Professional Auto Care - Houston's Premier Automotive Service Center

Challenging the Automotive Service Industry, One Client, One Vehicle at a time.

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Our certified staff is dedicated to preventive maintenance so much so that we have developed our own program through years of experience and knowledge on how to help consumers keep their vehicle in tip-top shape and budget appropriately for upcoming intervals.

As everyone's driving habits are different, the rate of wear of vehicles is different per owner and driver. In today's era we realize everyone has distinct needs, the same goes with cars. At Professional Auto Care we check and verify if certain items need to be addressed or if they could wait until the next interval. You receive individual service when making purchases in other industries. Demand to receive customized service with your vehicle needs as well.

In the end, we look to not only meet, but also exceed our client's expectations.

To see if you and your vehicle qualify for Service Smart call to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant (713) 270-0474.