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Performing factory-scheduled maintenance on today's vehicles is a necessity. A common misconception is that by skipping the factory scheduled maintenance intervals the consumer saves money-however; this could not be further from the truth! The actuality of the matter is repairs cost the consumer three times more than preventive maintenance.

Another common misconception is consumers must take their vehicles to the dealership to have the factory maintenance performed or their warranty will be void-also untrue. The important factor is to make sure you take your vehicle to people who are certified and above all, you trust. ASE Certified Professionals are very well familiar with vehicle maintenance requirements. Scheduled maintenance and the manufacturer's warranty are two completely separate areas.

However, unlike most other shops (dealers and independents alike), we do not believe in replacing items that do not need replacing, especially without justification. A car is an investment, obviously we want to ensure it is taken care of; however, there needs to be return on the investment for the consumer as well.

We have trained technicians (certified in ASE G1 Cars & Light Truck Maintenance), subscriptions to two separate databases to ensure we have proper service procedures and up to date information from manufactures and all our technicians are BG Certified. You feel confident PAC technicians have received the proper training and are equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done.

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