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​How much does the average preventive maintenance cost?

It is nearly impossible to give specifics, as not only each vehicle is different, but so is every driver and route.

The cost also varies on the type of service performed.

Some shops will offer different options for maintaining one's fluids. Here at Professional Auto Care, much like local dealerships, we mainly perform fluid exchanges on majority of vehicles-however, there are special cases where we would utilize other methods of performing vehicle fluid maintenance. Schedule to meet with a Certified staff member to discuss your options taking into consideration your driving conditions, manufacture recommendations, and your vehicle's current needs.

To continue the above, picture a fish tank that is time for its scheduled cleaning. (We will begin to discuss the different transmission servicing methods)

Scenario 1: Drain and Fill

Most times during a drain and fill, only about half of the fluid is actually taken out of the system.

Therefore applying this to our fish, half of the water from the tank is taken out and then new water is mixed in with the old.

Scenario 2: Fluid Exchange

During a fluid exchange, most of the old fluid is removed and the technician adds new fluid.

The fish tank is emptied with most of its dirty water and then refilled with clean water.

Scenario 3: Fluid Flush

During a fluid flush, a cleaner is added to the system and the vehicle brought to operating temperature at which point the technician then removes almost 97% of the old fluid from the system with a special machine. The new fluid is added along with a conditioner to give added protection to the system.

A cleaner is added to the fish tank to make sure all the debris are removed and new water is added along with a chemical to give the fish added protection.

Just imagine if you skipped your scheduled cleaning how dirty the tank would be...and what eventually could happen to your fish if you choose not to clean out the tank....

Please note: Each manufacturer has different suggested techniques for performing maintenance. It is important to find a service facility who will take your driving conditions, your manufacturer recommendations (not just interval, but servicing procedure) and the vehicle's current needs into consideration.​​

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