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The Science Behind It

Ozone (O3) is naturally a naturally occurring unstable molecule that exists both in our atmosphere and on the ground. The ozone in the atmosphere protects us from harmful UV rays. The ozone on the ground created by sunlight hitting the earth's surface and lightning storms sanitize the environment, killing off all kinds of life forms in a certain area to allow for new growth, much like a forest fire. The ozone on the ground produced by vehicles and factories in huge quantities is very unhealthy for the environment -- imagine an uncontrolled forest fire! However, in small doses, like restricted, monitored forest fires, ozone is the most effective sanitation method and killer of mold, bacteria, and any other living cells in the air. Using an Ozone Generator, regular O2 is changed into O3 for about an hour if it is unused. When O3 comes into contact with odor-causing molecules and other microorganisms, it reverts back to O2.

The idea behind Ozone Generators is to deal a shock to a contained environment. Ozone Generators are not meant to be and may not be run around any human being or animal. Once the treatment time is done, sufficient time must be allowed for the extra Ozone to dissipate. Ozone in high concentrations in a contained environment for a sustained amount of time should be performed by a certified professional. We recommend allowing us to remove the mold, bacteria, and other odor-causing microorganisms from your vehicle with ample time, proper equipment and trained personnel. 

Our Ozone Generator is operated by a technician fully aware of all safety concerns involved with Ozone. In addition to a technician setting up the Ozone Generator, the technician also ensures everyone in the Shop knows that an Ozone Treatment is in progress. We also do not allow  the vehicle to leave the Shop before the allotted amount of dissipation time has passed. Our methods ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

Is your car plagued by bad smells that you can't quite mask or get rid of? Do you seem to go through air fresheners by the 3-pack? Do you find that your seasonal allergies are worse in the fall and you sneeze as much in your vehicle as out? 

All of these are signs that the interior of your vehicle needs to be sanitized, especially during allergy season if you keep your Air Conditioning system on recirculation. 

Come in and allow us to eliminate all odor-causing molecules and mold and bacteria currently living in your passenger compartment. 

Vehicle Ozone Treatment