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Questions to ask yourself when choosing between oil change:

1. What kind of car do I drive?
A car, sports car, work truck?

2. What are the factory fluid specifications?

There are many oils on the market, even synthetic oils that do not meet manufacture specifications. Just because an oil is synthetic does not mean it will work for you vehicle. This must be reviewed and is crucial, especially when choosing oil for a European car.

3. What driving conditions do I encounter the most?
Stop and go traffic, mostly  highway, short trips, longer trips?

4. Where do I live?

Do I drive through dusty roads or high construction areas?

5. What is the age of my car?

This is applicable both to newer and older vehicles. Some products offer a protection plan giving clients warranty if their mileage is qualifies. BG Products for example offers this when a vehicle has 75,000 miles or less on the engine and fuel system. On older vehicles it could be important to evaluate is a different oil type an additive could be introduced to help protect the internal components of the engine. 

Auto Care Tip: 

Oil changes are a great way to get on the right track for preventive maintenance. By using oil changes as the base, you can schedule your other maintenance items around them. For example, scheduling tire rotations and tire balancing. Tire maintenance such as rotations and balancing tires promotes healthy tires and avoids premature wear or premature tire replacement. Using your oil change as your maintenance base line can also help you budget accordingly.

"The oil change is the cheapest form of insurance for car owners."

- Everardo Serratos

Professional Auto Care Owner/Founder

It is advisable to not postpone an essential maintenance item for your vehicle's well-being, the oil change. 

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Periodic oil changes can significantly increase the life of your vehicle's engine and decreases the risk of lost efficiency, unnecessary engine tension, jamming, or total failure.

An oil change is also an opportunity for a quick multi-point check up to be performed by a certified technician. At Professional Auto Care, no matter which oil change you choose, you will receive a 17 point vehicle inspection. Our Service Smart℠ clients receive a full bumper to bumper inspection including a full road test. Ask your ASE Certified Service Consultant for details on check out options and time needed for allocation. 

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