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What is BG D.O.C.?

Problem​: High operating pressures and temperatures increase the demands made on diesel engines (especially those which are supercharged or turbocharged) and upon diesel engine oils and the additives contained in these oils. New hydraulically activated fuel injectors expose the oil to pressures in excess of 20,000 psi. "After burn" emissions devices like EGR increase the soot accumulation in the oil. These systems place a heavy burden on the oil and push its performance to the limits. With the heat of combustion, sulfur from the fuel combines with moisture to form a virulent sulfuric acid which can enter the crankcase and cause corrosive wear and damage to engine components. A very high quality engine oil with excellent additive formulation is a requirement in withstanding the extreme conditions of modern diesel engine operation.

Solution: BG DOC is formulated with special diesel engine additives that maintain oil effectiveness during the extremes of diesel engine operation. Added to engine oil, BG DOC significantly helps maintain like-new engine power and performance. It prolongs acid neutralization, prevents acid corrosion, reduces friction and wear, stabilizes viscosity and prevents sludge formation through increased oxidation and soot control. BG DOC is compatible with all petroleum based and synthetic diesel engine oils including multi-grade.

Information from BG Products product line website, www.bgprod.com.