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Kent Serratos, JD, is the eldest child, and has spent many days with his father working in the shop. After graduating from Dulles High School he attended the University of St. Thomas, earning his bachelors' with a major in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. Upon graduating from UST he went on to South Texas College of Law and successfully passed the Texas bar exam. He has been happily married for over a decade. His wife is an anesthesiologist and they have three boys together. 

Kent currently holds 8 ASE Certificates and is also a licensed state inspector.

A4: Suspension & Steering

A5: Brakes

A6: Electrical/Electronic Systems

A7: Heating & Air Conditioning

C1: Service Consultant

G1: Maintenance Specialist

P2: Automobile Parts Specialist

X1: Under Car Specialist - Exhaust System

Picture: Automotive Service Association Christmas Party 2012

The husband and wife team started Professional Auto Care back in 1983 and they continue to have a strongly felt presence in the day-to-day operations of the company. The duo has always felt that family is important and so they involved their children in the business.

Everardo has served on the GM Powertrain Advisory Panel.

Picture above: The couple visiting the Henry Ford's Ford Rouge Factory Tour and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI for their 30th wedding anniversary.

Karolena is an ASE Certified Service Consultant, licensed state inspector, member of the AAA Approved Repair Advisory Committee of Texas & New Mexico (AARAC), ASA (Automotive Service Association) board member (2011- 2016), ASA President Elect 2012-2013, and ASA Houston Chapter President 2014-2015. She continues to be involved with St. Agnes as a member of the St. Agnes Young Professionals Board Member 2012- 2016. As well as her passion for the City of Sugar Land; member of the City Manager's Multi-Cultural Advisory Team, Member of the City of Sugar Land's Land Use Advisory Committee, Sugar Land 101 graduate and Sugar Land Citizen Police Academy graduate.

Picture: Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship poster when ranked No. 1 in the nation for entrepreneurship programs.  2011

Everardo's love for cars has been with him ever since he was a child. With some pals, he built his first car at age fifteen and they raced another team from a rival school. He attended and completed automotive technical school before moving to the United States. When Everardo first came over to the States he began working on Rolls-Royce and other high end luxury vehicles by day and attending the University of Houston by night seeking a degree in computer science. When the opportunity to own his own shop arose, he took a leap with his wife, and they became business owners.

Claudia's involvement with the automotive industry began when she was a child as well. Her father owned a successful parts store in Argentina. When she was young, she would often sort and pull various items or work the register (even before she could count!). When Claudia first came to the States, she was involved in Hotel Management, but when presented with a chance of becoming a business owner and specifically starting an automotive garage with her husband, she seized it.

Karolena Serratos, the middle child, has been at her parents' side since she was a child at the shop. Though she does much more nowadays than handing her father tools, the passion for the business her parents instilled in her has not changed. Upon graduating St. Agnes Academy in 2007, she attended the University of Houston, Bauer College of Business. She received her bachelors' in business administration, double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management with certificates in logistics and Process Management.

Kimberly is the youngest of the three children and she too has spent time at the shop. She often accompanies her father on training sessions, mainly diagnostic classes. She can even operate a few of the more sophisticated scan tools. When she was in grade school, she would sit with a wiring diagram and follow circuits and label the wires (back when they were still black and white diagrams).

She attended St. Agnes Academy before going to St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She graduated from St. John's College Annapolis in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts. Her degree by the credits is a double major in History of Mathematics and Science/Philosophy (Ethics, Metaphysics, and Political Theory) and double minors in Classical Studies and Comparative Literature. She then went back to St. John's College in Santa Fe and graduated with her Masters of Arts in Eastern Classics in August of 2017.  She has since moved back to Houston and enrolled in the Diploma in Liberal Studies program at Rice University. The DLS program is one step beyond a masters as it requires a masters degree and a demonstrable familiarity with at least one of the (usually) two disciplines chosen for research.  Kimberly's chosen disciplines are Philosophy, Art History, and Music. Kimberly works part time at PAC as she pursues her third and most challenging liberal arts degree yet. 

Picture: Freshman Convocation Ceremony at St. John's College Fall of 2012