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If you have noticed oil stains on your drive way or parking spot and believe you are leaking oil, transmission fluid, or power steering fluid then you may want to have an ASE Certified Technician perform a steam clean to help determine the source.

Most people do not check their fluid levels as often as needed and many times a leak can arise without the owner realizing until stains begin to appear on their drive ways or work parking spots.

At times, the detection process can be relatively simple and can be easily seen clearly, especially with early detection. However, majority of the cases the leak has completely saturated the area surrounding the leak. At which point it becomes necessary to steam clean the vehicle's engine to help determine the source of the leak and severity.

On older vehicles it is not uncommon for a vehicle to have multiple leaks. You can have a larger leak from a gasket and then once replacing the gasket the minor leak from a seal may become visible. Hence why steam cleaning is performed twice. Once before repair to identify the source and severity and a second time after the repair to ensure the problem has resolved and to notify the customer if more leaks are present.

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