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We have been in the same location for over 30 years and have seen our share of floods. Even if your vehicle has started since the event, have it inspected by an ASE Certified Technician for peace of mind who has experience with car flood damage in Houston. Call to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant for some free advice to help you decide how to handle your flood vehicle situation.  (713) 270-0474 

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Karolena Serratos was featured on Channel 2 10 pm Local News May 2018.

Six inches of water is enough to cause damage to a vehicle. The best thing is to have a certified technician examine your vehicle for any damage if you experienced any of the following conditions:

  • If you were in low water (be sure to have the brakes looked over)
  • Vehicle stalled while driving through water (possible water in the motor)
  • If you were in a higher water situation
  • If water entered your vehicle and your carpets are wet (mold growth if carpet is not completely removed)

If your vehicle stalled while going through water, do not attempt to restart the vehicle.If you have attempted to start your car and it will not start, the vehicle needs to be inspected for the extent of water damage by a certified professional. Have the vehicle towed to Professional Auto Care, located on the southwest side of Houston, to have an ASE certified technician inspect and evaluate the flood damage the vehicle has suffered first.

If your vehicle appears to be okay from the flood, again, be sure to take it into the shop sooner rather than later. Signs of water damage are not always immediate. Have your brakes inspected, the fluids which were exposed to water completely flushed, and replace any gaskets or filters that were in contact with water. Continuing to drive your vehicle without even a basic inspection could cause more serious long-term damage to a flood water damaged car.

Has your vehicle been a casualty of Houston weather?

Professional Auto Care has been the trusted name for Houstonians for many years, especially during times of emergency. During the record floods of 2015, Professional Auto Care saw over 60 flood cars and was featured on various media outlets including local news and radio.  In 2016 Professional Auto Care serviced just under 50 flood vehicles. We work with all insurance companies and have even developed relationships with the catastrophe teams that are flown to Houston during these times of crisis.

We work for you. Not your insurance company. Dealing with car flood damage is stressful enough so we provide reports and updates all along the way to ensure you are in control and know what is going on with your vehicle at all times.

The most important thing to do when involved with a Houston flood is to act immediately.

Call now to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant. (713) 270-0474.  

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