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Consumer Tips; My Vehicle was Involved in a Houston Flood, What do I do?

[Car Flood Tips and Repairs]

Driving through high water can cause problems for your vehicle later on down the line. Cars are not designed to be water proof. Water resistant to some degree, yes, but not water proof.  Here are some things to consider for your vehicle. 

1. Fluids - Check your fluid levels and see if any are marking higher than previously. This could be a sign you have water in the system. You would need to have these fluids changed out to help avoid costly repairs in the future. 

2. Brakes - Brakes may need to be cleaned, lubricated, inspected and road tested.

Flood damage is generally covered by comprehensive (fire and theft) insurance, so even if you do not have collision coverage, you may be covered for repairs or replacement. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the certified staff members here at Professional Auto Care  if you find yourself a victim of the Houston Flooding. The most important thing about flooded car repair is time. Call anytime (713) 270-0474.

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