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Why Choose an Independent Automotive Repair Facility for Flood Repairs

The top reason to choose an independent automotive repair facility to repair your flooded car from the recent Houston flood weather is because they work for you, and only you. Here is a list of why choosing an independent shop could make all the difference when it comes to repairing a car damaged by flooding.

  1.  They work for you. By far the most important, they work only for you. Independent shops are not in cahoots with the insurance companies, wreckers, or storage lots. They are your advocate. They over see the parts being recommended for installation by the insurance company, ensuring safe, proper parts will be installed in your vehicle.
  2. Reflection of their reputation. Majority of independent automotive service facilities are locally owned and operated. They are seeking long term relationships with their clients. This relationship creates an opportunity for the shop owner to ensure you have the best experience possible as nothing helps a business than locals sharing with their community.
  3. Seasoned veterans of Houston floods. Majority of long standing automotive repair facilities in the Houston area have plenty of experience with dealing with flood damaged vehicles. Flood work needs to be performed by experienced, certified professionals (especially for resale value).

The PAC Difference: Vehicle Flood Damage Repair

As many of our clients already know, we do not operate like most other auto repair shops and it is no different when dealing with cars damaged by Houston Flooding. Here are a few items that separate us from the dealer, chain stores, insurance fed body shops, and other independent car mechanics in Houston.

  1. Our Clients are our #1 Priority No Matter What. Our original tagline is "Our Reputation is Our Best Asset." We always put our clients first, above everything else. The same applies when we work to help our clients through this very stressful process, which we have been doing for every flood and hurricane since 1983.
  2. Only ASE Master Certified Technicians perform testing and repairs for Flood Vehicles damaged by Houston floods. From start to finish. Period. No exceptions. The reports and documentation is just as important to this process as the repairs themselves, which is why we believe it is in the best interest of our clients for our ASE Certified Master Technicians to perform the work from the moment the vehicle arrives to the moment the vehicle leaves (with the only exception being of the final car wash, not many shops can guarantee this).
  3. Only ASE Certified Service Consultants work with the client and the insurance adjuster. We do not believe in cutting corners with our products and this belief certainly extends to our customer service.
  4. Detailed Documentation. Each MT (master technician) thoroughly documents test results and work performed. These reports are for the client so, in the event they choose to resale their vehicle, they can show with confidence that their vehicle was correctly repaired, building a tremendous amount of value as the vehicle will most likely be in much better shape than it was even before the nasty Houston flood.
  5. Log of Contact Activity. We keep every point of contact logged and we communicate with insurance companies via email whenever possible for our clients. (Many insurance companies gladly do this as sometimes adjusters will have to go visit at least 30 vehicles per day.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please do no hesitate to contact us (713) 270-0474 and speak to anyone from our ASE Certified Team about your vehicle flood damage needs.

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