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Function: Maintains proper engine operating temperature and allows the engine to warm up faster.

Signs of Wear: Engine overheating, lack of available heat in the vehicle cabin, reduced fuel economy.

The thermostat maintains engine temperature by flushing hot coolant and replacing it with unheated.

Engines operate most efficiently when they are fully warmed up. When the ngine is started and the coolant is cold, the thermostat should remain closed to prevent the coolant from circulating.

When the coolant is fully heated up - normally to a temperature of around 195F/90C, the thermostat will open to allow the coolant to flow around the system. The thermostat helps the engine to run at the optimal temperature -- not too hot, and not too cold.

When a thermostat is stuck open, the engine will normally run cooler than is desired. This uses more fuel and can damage the catalytic converter. A thermostat that is stuck closed will cause the engine to overheat, potentially causing major damage.

A stuck open thermostat allows the coolant to continuously run through and the engine to run cool.

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