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Function: Circulates coolant through the radiator and engine system to maintain proper engine temperature.

Signs of Wear: Engine overheating, leaking coolant, excessive looseness in water pump shaft. rumbling nose in pump.

​The water pump forces cold coolant from the radiator into the engine, and the hot coolant out of the engine and into the radiator. The water pump is driven by a belt -- either the timing belt or a serpentine or v-belt. Broken belts will cause the vehicle to overheat quickly.

The water pump pushes coolant through the engine, and is driven by either a timing belt or a serpentine belt.

Over time, leaks may form in the water pump allowing coolant to escape the system.

Did you know:

  • 95% of water pump claims submitted indicate that no flush was completed. This relates directly back to contaminated coolants as the cause. 66% of all water pump warranty is due to seal failure. 95% of failed water pump seals have visible evidence of coolant contamination.

  • When replacing a cooling system component such as a water pump, a full flush and fill is recommended (total coolant replacement). This renews the inhibitors that protect the new component's metal, plus flushes out the suspended solids that can destroy the water pump seal.

  • When reinstalling a water pump: once the water pump failure has been determined, reinstall the old pump, flush the system, remove the old pump and then install the new pump, gently refilling with coolant. This eliminates forcing contaminated coolants through the new water pump seal.

  • Research shows that if a flush and fill was not performed at the same time the water pump was replaced, the customer may see their water pump begin to fail again beginning around 7 months or 7,700 miles. 

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