​"I trust your recommendations and don't feel like I am going to get ripped off or end up with things I don't need."

Adrian owner of 2012 Lincoln MKZ

"Only place I trust."


"Great service quality."

​Alice owner of 2007 Honda Fit

"Friendly and quality work."

Chuck owner of 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe

"Reliable, honest service from people who are clearly the best at what they do. Everyone fully explains what work needs to be done and why, and Service Smart allows me to see what is coming up next so I can plan appropriately."

​Ryan owner of 2012 Chevrolet Cruze

​"I feel like my car is in good hands with you guys and I am confident to drive all over by myself knowing my car will hold up."

​Jerri owner of 2009 Nissan Maxima

​"The customer service is unbeatable and the staff explains in great detail the repairs that need to be made as well as your options."

​Donna owner of 2005 Chrysler Town and Country

"PAC was an experience, "Nothing Short of Fantastic."

Excellent customer service has become a thing of the past. I visited Professional Auto Care (PAC) in mid - December of the year 2016. The staff was extremely helpful and very informative about car maintenance and repair. Moreover, everyone made you feel at home and the owners listened carefully to my concerns about traveling over 1200 miles in a 2011 Mazda Tribute. They had authentic answers and quoted me extremely, fair prices (I called around to other local Auto shops and compared the quotes) on the parts that I needed for my vehicle.

PAC went above and beyond the call of duty and provided exceptional customer services. Here is what the owners and staff of PAC did for me:

-PAC did a walk through with me of my car and explained checking the fluids and changing a tire.

-Located a local auto shop in the city I was relocating

-Ordered parts for my vehicle and did not charge the labor for the minor electrical tire issue

-Being a member of their Service Smart Program (strongly encourage every PAC customer to sign up for this program), located a recall on my vehicle and saved me some serious dollars (almost $1,000 in savings).

PAC provided a great example of what customer service should be. Furthermore, as a recurring customer, they know how to build lasting business relationships. Anyone considering using PAC services or interested more about my experience with them, I am open to being contacted via email.

Again, PAC was an experience, "nothing short of fantastic!"

​Ty owner of 2011 Mazda Tribute

We have been continuously voted among the best auto repair facilities in Houston. But we like our work to speak for itself. Check out the comments below of what some of our clients have said about our service.

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