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July 2019 - Auto Repair Feedback  - Why we're the best auto repair shop

​​Satisfaction Survey Rating for July 2019:

"Great reports. The great reviews are out there for a reason. 8 years, and I've never had a hint of a problem."


"Outstanding professionalism. I made it to El Paso in great shape. No problems."

Dan owner of 2011 Ford Escape

"Karolena was super at explaining. The top rated auto repair and I've been coming for over 20 years."

Jim owner of 2014 Toyota Tundra

"Conveniently located and good service. VERY PLEASED."

Eligha owner of 2010 Ford F150

"Professional Services!"

Leah owner of 2010 Acura RDX

"You are dependable, honest, reliable, and efficient."

Kelly owner of 2016 Chevrolet Traverse

" The Sequoia is doing great. The brakes felt perfect, no more shaking. I thought the steering felt fine before bringing the vehicle in, but after you guys replaced the bushings, I was impressed at how much better it responded. The car felt brand new, which was a pleasant surprise. The car has been sold and I am happy knowing the car is good to go for the new owners. I gave them the receipts of all the work done and told them if anything comes up to give you guys a call. Thanks again for everything."

Brian owner of 2007 Toyota Sequoia

"The truck is doing much better...I think the additive has helped too, avg. mpg is improving daily!"

John owner of 2008 Ford F250

"AC is doing really well. Very cool. Will call for checkup."

Kelly owner of 2016 Chevrolet Traverse

​"The Mazda feels great! I haven't seen any further leaks and something was vibrating but y'all fixed that, too so I am a happy camper. I have decided on a 2019 Subaru Forester Sport -- probably gonna complete the purchase today. Thank you for helping me out with the discussion. I really appreciate how straightforward and approachable you and your staff are with advice, repairs and everything. Normally in mechanic shops there seems to be layers of BS and y'all don't have any of that. Thanks for your professional friendly service. We will be back for sure."

Ryan owner of 2016 Mazda 6

"The truck is driving great!"

Heather owner of 1998 Dodge Dakota

"Car is running great. As always, y'all took great care of it. Thank you."

Shay owner of 2002 Nissan Sentra 

"The car seems to be doing great. The car hasn't driven this smoothly in years!"

Julie owner of 2006 Ford Fusion

"My car has been running smoothly and I think you guys did a great job on my vehicle."

Heath owner of 2013 Nissan Altima 

"The Jeep is doing fine. I don't what you did, but the check engine light has not come on since the last repair -- not related but something changed, I think. The Honda A/C seems to be cooling ok. Will check back in 2 weeks."

Ted owner of 2008 Honda CR-V and 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

"Thanks for checking in! Everything is going great."

Dan owner of 2011 Ford Escape

We have been continuously voted among the best auto repair facilities in Houston. But we like our work to speak for itself. Check out the comments below of what some of our clients have said about our service.