What does the light mean? | Code break downs | When further testing may be required 

You may hear your technician say DTC, which stands for Diagnostic Trouble Code. Depending on which system has been affected and type of code the computer provides in relation to the problem, the DTC will help the technician determine the next steps. By no means does it mean you have to replace the part listed by the scanner or that by replacing the part listed will solve your check engine light problem.

​Below is a chart of Trouble Code Groups. Click on the titles to see more detailed codes.

P0100 - P0199
Fuel/Air Metering / Oxygen Sensors
P0200 - P0299
Fuel/Air Metering / Injector Circuit
P0300 - P0399
Misfire & Ignition System
P0400 - P0499
Emissions Control System
P0500 - P0507
Idle Control System

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