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Toyota/Lexus/Scion had this to say in a Technical Service Bulletin on Paint:

Title: Acid Rain Paint Finish Damage - Prevention & Repair
Section: Exterior
Bulletin: #165
Models: All Toyota Lexus and Scion
Date: March 2008

Condition & Case
​'Acid Rain' is the result of rainwater and other forms of airborne moisture mixing with atmospheric impurities, often referred to as industrial fallout. The mixing forms varying degrees of corrosive acidic compounds that can settle on exposed surfaces. Depending on geographic location, concentration level, and length of exposure; vehicle paint finish damage can occur. Horizontal surface such as roof, hood, and trunk panels are most vulnerable.

Check Out Today's Pollen Index

Allergy Season Paint Tip: Parking in the shade can actually be harmful on high tree pollen days for your vehicle's exterior. Create a maintenance schedule for your vehicle exterior to help preserve retail value when it comes time to sell, trade and to hand down.

Prevention of Finish Damage

While, Toyota, Lexus, and Scion paint finishes are engineered to look great and provide long-term durability, if not cared for properly they can sustain damage as a result of acid rain exposure. Exposure can occur at any time in the life-cycle of a vehicle, be it transport, storage, or consumer use.

Car Paint Protectant Service - Houston's Premier Auto Repair Facility

​​When was the last time you protected your vehicle's exterior?

The paint protectant treatment offers a coat of protection against Houston's, at times, harsh weather conditions. Just like you apply sunblock before going to the beach (and ladies we apply cream every morning to our faces that has at least SPF 15), your vehicle's exterior needs a layer of protection.

However, the sun making those sunspots aren't the only thing to worry about -- acid rain, pollen, and our winged friends do plenty damage as well. Pollen is acidic and can damage your vehicle and wiping the pollen off can create micro scratches do to the hook-like qualities of pollen. It is important to create a regimen for exterior paint maintenance. 

Don't wait until you begin to see the damage, as by that time it is usually too late. Schedule service  today or call to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant.  You can purchase your paint protectant service online! 

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