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When was the last time you showed your car's leather seats some TLC?

At Professional Auto Care we use Total Leather Care products. Total Leather Care is a company that has been specializing in leather for over 20 years.

In order to keep leather seats looking their best and to avoid the wear damage, it is important to treat your vehicle's leather every 6 months to 1 year. One of the primary causes to cracking, rips, and discoloration is due to lack of proper leather seat maintenance.

Ironically many of cleaners found in big chain stores actually damage leather seats over time. Total Leather Care is the name trusted by luxury car dealers, luxury RV dealers and luxury furniture stores across the nation. But having the correct leather cleaning product is not enough to protect your vehicle's leather seats -- it is important to have a trained professional apply the leather conditioning to the leather seats, as the application is critical during treatment.*

Here are some before and after photos of a vehicle we had in the shop for leather treatment:

Our staff has been trained directly by Total Leather Care. We perform leather treatment from RVs to small cars.

*We do sell the Total Leather Care Kit [TLC Kit] and upon purchase we can show you how to perform the 6 month leather car seat maintenance. Still recommended to have complete treatment once a year. This offer only valid with appointment to allow time for instruction.