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Function: A hydraulic clamp that pinches the brake pads onto the rotor to slow or stop the vehicle (disk brakes).

Signs of Wear: Brake lockup, vehicle pulling to the left or right, reduced braking force, spongy brake pedal feel, brake pedal pulsation (not to be confused with normal ABS operation), longer stopping distances, fluid leakage near caliper or rotor.

When the driver presses the brake pedal, pressurized brake fluid forces the piston inside the brake caliper to move outwards. This forces the brake pads to push against the brake rotor.

The piston seals keep debris out and brake fluid in. The piston inside the caliper has two rubber seals; the outer seal or dust boot prevents debris and moisture from entering the caliper, the inner seal or square cut seal traps brake fluid inside the caliper. When the brakes are applied, the square cut seal twists inside a groove in the caliper, and then helps the piston to be retracted when the pedal is released.

Have your vehicle checked by an ASE Certified Technician in Brakes. 

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