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When wheels move in relation to the body of the vehicle as the suspension is compressed or the steering wheel is turned, a flexible brake hose is used to connect the steel brake lines to the calipers on each wheel.

The brake hose is made up of three main components -- an inner rubber hose which contains the brake fluid, a steel braid that reinforces the inner hose so that it does not expand under the pressure generated when the brakes are applied, and another protective layer which keeps moisture off the steel braid and protects the hose from road debris.

When the outer layer cracks, moisture can enter the brake hose, allowing rust to develop on the steel braid. With a weakened steel braid, it is possible for the inner hose to expand like a balloon when the brakes are applied, leading to a potential rupture and the loss of brake fluid, and therefore stopping power.

Once a brake line has ruptured, the brake system will not be able to build up sufficient pressure to stop the vehicle. To prevent the risk of brake fluid loss, brake hoses should always be replaced at the first sign of cracking in the outer layer.

A rupture in a rusted brake hose will result in a loss of stopping power.

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Function: Carries brake fluid between the brake line and the brake caliper or wheel cylinder.

Signs of Wear: Spongy brake pedal feel, visible hose cracks or wear, fluid leaks, a damp appearance on or near the hose  ends.