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BG Products Ethanol Defender Kit Service

Ethanol attracts, absorbs and holds water. When enough water is absorbed, the ethanol and water mixture will separate from the gasoline and settle to the bottom of the tank. If this separation occurs, the fuel is rendered useless and must be drained. This moisture causes corrosion in the fuel system and at worst, could cause serious engine damage.

Ethanol is alcohol,which is mildly acidic and corrodes metal components in the fuel system. Corrosion causes deterioration and failure to components.

Heavier deposits occur in lower concentrations of ethanol-containing gasoline, such as E10 or E15, because ethanol is not compatible with the traditional detergents in gasoline. The ethanol increases gasoline's tendency to oxidize and degrade. Deposit formation can also interrupt the fuel/air ratio, which could cause potentially severe driveability problems such as inefficient combustion ad hesitation.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender Service contains corrosion inhibitors that coat fuel system components protecting them from corrosive acids. The fuel system is safe and fuel flow is optimal. In addition to corrosion protection, this service will neutralize these harmful acids.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender Service creates a stable solution with gasoline, allowing more water to pass harmlessly through the fuel system before gasoline and water begin to separate. This service cleans the entire fuel system and keeps it free of damaging deposits. Regular use will restore engine performance and gas mileage, lower exhaust emissions, and reduce driveability problems caused by deposit buildup.

Ethanol Fuel System Defender Kit - Featuring BG Products in Auto Repair