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Ethanol Fuel System Defender Kit - Featuring BG Products in Auto Repair

BG Products Ethanol Defender Kit Service


  • Restored performance
  • Restored fuel economy

Some basic frequently asked questions:

  • Can any vehicle use ethanol-containing fuel?
    • No. Older vehicles have fuel systems containing plastics, elastomers and metal alloys that may not be compatible with ethanol. In order to be compatible with ethanol-containing fuel, special fuel system hardware, sensing mechanisms and algorithms in the on-board computer are necessary to make adjustments to the fuel/air ratio.
  • Can ethanol-containing fuel cause fuel-filter plugging?
    • Yes. If a fuel supply system is switched from sediment, oxidation residue and other contaminants in the storage tanks and lines are dissolved or suspended in the new fuel. These contaminants may find their way to the filter until a sufficient amount of ethanol-containing fuel has been turned over. Ethanol-containing fuel also contains water, which carries dissolved salts and contaminants, and can cause premature filter plugging and injector fouling.
  • Can ethanol-containing fuel corrode the fuel system?
    • Yes. Ethanol is a mildly acidic  molecule. Acids accerelate the corrosion process, particularly in iron-based alloys. But it can accelerate corrosion to aluminum, brass, bronze, silver, lead and other alloys found in the fuel system.

Protect the fuel system by neutralizing acids in the fuel with anime, and adding corrosion inhibitors (the BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender).

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