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Problem: Deposits accumlate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers causing poor fuel economy, power loss, rough idle, hard starting, knocking and a plugged fuel filter.

The ethanol is corrossive when it comes in contact with metal components of modern day vehicle fuel systems, and highly, if not extremely, corrosive on older classic cars.

The nature of ethanol is very hygoscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture right fromthe air. So any loose water already in the tank or each time you expose your tank to the atmosphere (i.e.the opening of your purge valve, which maintains the pressure of your gas tank or even opening your gas cap when you are refueling) the ethanol immediately attracts the water.

The main problem arises when phase separation occurs. This is when the gasoline and the ethanol (now blended with water) literally separate inside the gas tank. The gasoline will be on top while the ethanol and water mixture sit at the bottom of the tank.

Bigger problems happen to those who drive and let their gas tanks get lower than one forth...or even worse have the E light come on before they go and refuel. Now imagine that ethanol and water concoction being sucked up and your poor engine trying to burn it. However, it is not combustible without the gasoline. While this is an extreme scenario at the moment, with the regulations pushing higher ethanol mixtures on consumers in the near future, it will not be so far fetched.

For now, the corrosive effects will take over most vehicles and driveability concerns will be on the rise.