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Having trouble starting your vehicle up?

Schedule service online or call to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant to have your battery checked. We understand there can be almost nothing worse than calling in late to work or getting stranded somewhere in the evening because of a faulty battery.

Please note, not all starting problems are directly linked to the battery and sometimes a weak battery is a symptom of another bigger problem. Modern vehicles operate as systems. Is the battery becoming discharged because of the alternator which is not being operated correctly due to the belt slipping while could be potentially caused by a tensioner needing replacement?

According to Gates (a leading manufacturer of original equipment parts for vehicle manufacturers), there is an epidemic occurring in the industry where batteries, starters and alternators are being blamed and warrantied out when they were perfectly good and the true problem is left unresolved in the customer's vehicle. 

Speak to an ASE Certified Service Consultant to discuss different options of determining the true source of the problem. Call today, (713) 270-0474

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