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Tired of dealing with corrosion build up on the battery?

The BG Battery Service is the answer to your battery's prayers. After having this service performed by one of our trained ASE Certified Technicians you will notice extended battery life as well as battery terminal corrosion prevention.

Over time corrosion accumulates on the battery posts and terminals to the degree that this build-up begins to drain power from the battery.

During the BG Battery Service, a battery cleaner and leak detector is applied after a thorough cleaning and inspection. Anti-corrosion BG Battery Terminal Protectors are installed and the battery posts, terminals, and case are sealed.​​

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A preventive measure we prefer to take at Professional Auto Care is installing these battery pads when a new battery is installed so the customer does not have to worry about getting stranded or having a battery grow weak due to something as simple to prevent such as corrosion build up.

You do not want to find yourself making the #1 most common call to roadside assistance--battery failure. Ask your ASE Certified Service Consultant for more information about this service or watch the video here.​

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