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Vehicle Care Services to Help You With Your Seasonal Allergies

Millions of people in the United States suffer annually from seasonal allergies. There are three allergy seasons: Spring (tree), Summer (grass), and Fall (weed). Living in such a warm place, Houstonians experience pollination most of the year with even January having days with High Concentrations of tree pollen. The Spring Allergy Season usually begins at the end of February or the beginning of March. In 2018, the first day of Very High Concentration of tree pollen in Houston, Texas was March 1. 

While there are a number of ways you can limit your exposure to allergens, we offer several services to help you reduce your allergen exposure even more. We recommend these services at least at the beginning of the allergy season that has the worst impact on you. Having these services performed can lessen the negative effects of allergens by minimizing your exposure to them. Steam Clean Carpet can also be done during or at the end of the allergy season to remove any pollen that may have attached itself to you or your family or anything you’ve put in your vehicle. 

Allergy Season Services:

Houston Allergy Season Car Tips

Additional Tips to help deal with Houston's Allergies

In addition to these services, other precautions may be taken. During the season in which your allergies are particularly bad, you may look up the pollen index daily to see if you can plan around Very High Concentration days. It is also important to note that most pollination happens between 5AM and 9AM so, if you have to walk the dog during that time, be sure to wash your hands after petting and belly rubs!

If tree shade is the only option at your house, a car cover is something to consider seriously. Car covers will protect your vehicle from some harmful effects of inclement weather and also limit pollen exposure. Be sure to keep your windows up at all times, especially during High Concentration days during the allergy season that impacts you most strongly. Pollen will enter your vehicle and stick to everything it comes into contact with. The paint protecant treatment protects your vehicle cosmetically

Allergy Car Care Tip for your Air Conditioning System! 

You can also limit the amount of pollen entering your vehicle by changing your Air Conditioning setting to recirulation so your vehicle is no longer pulling fresh pollen-infested air into the passenger compartment and blowing it right onto your face! BG Climate Control Service will help keep your interior air as clean as possible