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When you bring your vehicle for a wheel alignment or for an alignment check service, you can expect this process.

First, an ASE Certified Service Consultant will be assigned to you and your vehicle. The consultant will go out to the vehicle and perform a test drive first (which you can opt to ride along, if you choose) and gather all necessary information for the ASE Certified Technician in Steering & Suspension.

Then, the ASE Certified Service Technician in Steering & Suspension will perform another test drive to make note of any issues encountered before placing the vehicle on the alignment rack.

The ASE Certified Technician in Steering & Suspension will then install a camera sensor on each wheel for the alignment machine to read the different alignment angles.

The certified-trained technician will also perform a visual inspection of the steering and suspension components as well as make all the necessary adjustments to bring the vehicle back to manufacturer specifications. (The step of adjustments would not be performed if your visit is for an alignment check, but the technician will still check your front end).

At the end of your visit the ASE Certified Service Consultant will give you a print out of the before and after alignment readings.

PAC Alignment Difference