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Most vehicle manufacturers recommend performing a 4-wheel alignment at least once per year for proper maintenance. Having your wheel alignment properly performed you can improve safety, experience a smoother ride, and increased fuel efficiency.

By having a certified technician examine your alignment you can feel the peace of mind and potentially catch any problems before they become serious. Times when a 4-wheel alignment may be necessary:

  1. After purchasing a set of tires
  2. After a collision, accident, bumping a curb or even hitting a large pothole (which Houston is famous for having everywhere...)
  3. After replacing steering or suspension components
  4. The vehicle is either pulling to the right or pulling to the left while driving
  5. There is a vibration or any other type of unstable steering symptoms
  6. Irregular tire wear
  7. The car's steering wheel is off-center

Our facility also provides Take Alignment Readings service where an ASE Certified Service Technician in Steering and Suspension will test drive your vehicle in addition to putting all the camera sensors on the vehicle while on the alignment rack to determine if you do in fact need a wheel alignment or not. We do encourage this method for a once a year check up rather than paying for the full alignment cost when you may or may not need one. If you end up needing a wheel alignment and are able to wait to have it performed the same day, the cost of the take alignment readings will be applied towards the alignment cost.

If you are unsure whether your vehicle needs an alignment or not, feel free to schedule a reservation or call to speak with an ASE Certified Service Consultant about your vehicle concerns.

Below is a short video provided by Hunter Engineering which examines the importance of vehicle wheel alignments and the risks for opting out of having your vehicle's wheel alignment checked regularly and adjusted when necessary.

Why Wheel Alignments are Necessary