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The Houston summer can be scorching as it is, much worse if your vehicle's air conditioning has gone out. On the other hand, getting your car's air conditioning repaired can have its own set of issues depending on where you go and who you trust.

All our auto air conditioning testing is done by ASE Certified Technicians in Air Conditioning. 

The air conditioning is a closed system. Keeping this in mind about your vehicle's air conditioning, if the car is not cooling, there must be a leak somewhere, whether it is a large leak where nearly immediately the refrigerant escapes or a small leak where it could take months to lose a noticeable amount of A/C refrigerant.

Other non-Freon related problems could also be the mechanical failure(s) of vehicle air conditioning parts or electrical failure.

The benefits of having a certified technician check your car A/C is the peace of mind of having a certified professional who has extensive training, has a thorough understanding of vehicle A/C systems, and who has been recognized by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).​​

Professional Auto Care is Houston's premier car air conditioning repair and auto air conditioning service. Professional Auto Care has included automotive air conditioning repair in service offerings since the beginning.

Testing fees range between $54.99 for mechanic testing up to $168.90 (including refrigerant, technician testing, oil and dye).Please call for details.

Air Conditioning Testing Service Fees - Houston's Premier Auto Repair Facility