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The filter elements of the air conditioning system are either referred to as filter dryers or accumulators, depending on the type of system. The task of the filter dryer is to remove impurities from the refrigerant and to dehumidify it.

How they work

The liquid refrigerant enters the filter dryer, flows through a hygroscopic drying medium and leaves the filter dryer again as a liquid. The upper part of the filter dryer serves as a compensation chamber; at the same time, the lower part serves as refrigerant storage in order to compensate fluctuations in pressure in the system. Depending on its design, the filter dryer can only remove a certain amount of humidity-then the drying medium is saturated and no longer in a position to absorb further humidity.

Effects of failure

A failure of the filter dryer  may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Poor cooling capacity
  • Failure of the air conditioning system

Causes for the failure of the filter dryer can be:

  • Aging
  • Defective filter pad inside
  • Leaks at the connections caused by damage

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Function: Stores and removes liquid in the refrigerant until it changes into a gas refrigerant.

Signs of Wear: Lack of or insufficient cooling in the vehicle cabin.

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