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Your vehicle's heating and air conditioning system should be checked by a professional technician approximately every 12 months (check your owner's manual for specific recommendations). Any related maintenance should be handled only by professionals to ensure consumer safety and component dependability.

Many technicians recommend running your air conditioning system regularly-even during the winter-because the system contains a PAG oil (R134a) or mineral oil (R12) in the refrigerant to keep the compressor properly lubricated. The general rule is to run the system about 10 minutes per month.

If you notice any of the following conditions, have your vehicle checked right away.

  • Musty smell when the air conditioning or heating is activated (check BG Climate Control Service)
  • An odd sweet smell when operating the heating system
  • Inadequate cooling or heating temperatures when using the air conditioning or heating system
  • The vehicle's temperature gauge indicates a "red" condition 
  • Steam coming from the engine compartment
  • Unusual smell inside or outside the vehicle
  • Strange noises when operating either the air conditioning or the heating system

Most repairs in relation to the air conditioning and heating systems could be avoided if routine maintenance is performed and if the vehicle is brought into the automotive facility as soon as possible, once the owner notices a difference in relation to any of the items or anything else a consumer may notice. Have an ASE Certified Air Conditioning and Heating professional technician examine your vehicle's components today for the peace of mind of smooth operation for the future.