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There is no such thing as over-night success

Our automotive repair shop has undergone many changes since the 1980s. When we first opened in 1983, the shop was half the size of today’s main building at 9916. For a while, the limited space was sufficient but soon we had to expand to meet the demands of our clients and their vehicles because we didn’t even have a waiting room when we first started repairing cars! Everardo and his father then constructed a parts room and a waiting room themselves – what once was the entirety of our waiting room has since become our check in office. Even this expansion proved insufficient so in the mid 90’s we purchased the lot of land across the street (9913) and constructed a much larger building – more than double 9916’s size! With all the space, we were able to store parts elsewhere and turn the parts room into an open concept office for our service consultants and writers.

In the early 2000’s, a concrete parking lot was poured down as more and easier client parking became necessary. When the concrete had just been poured, Karolena and Kimberly signed their names and pressed their hands into it. You can see their handprints and names on your way to our 9913 waiting room. That office was built in 2007 and gave our clients much more space to relax and do what they needed while waiting for their vehicle to be maintained or repaired. Around 2012, we moved our inventory into large containers. The containers have proved most useful because different manufacturers have begun to require specific fluids more often in recent years.

Stress on Preventive Maintenance

Professional Auto Care has always been unique on its emphasis on preventive maintenance.

Everardo had preventative maintenance instilled in him at a young age. He grew up working on his family’s farm in Mexico and it was absolutely necessary that all the equipment be in working order when it came during planting and harvesting seasons. His father made sure it was ready by making sure the maintenance was up to date. He tasked his sons with the important responsibility of thoroughly checking, washing, and performing whatever repairs on the equipment that it might need, ensuring it would be ready for the next use. This showed Everardo the importance of preventing expensive repairs by regular maintenance. After all, it is often reinforced in the farming industry: he saw many farmers disregard proper maintenance and their businesses suffered from the consequences of not being able to use a tractor or plow.

Everardo necessarily learned this lesson firsthand and has always shared this lesson with his team and his clients. He would much rather have a client come in for their vehicle’s periodic oil changes and fluid services than have a client come to Professional Auto Care riding inside a tow truck. You may hear Everardo, when speaking to another client or a member of the PAC team, say “it’s all about maintenance.” Our Shop is clean and orderly and well-maintained: we live this lesson and our equipment shows it.

Our Service Smart Program is a direct result of the PAC team brainstorming how we could be more efficient at implementing this lesson into our service and Everardo and Karolena actually coming up with something. The Service Smart Program is designed with both the client and their vehicle in mind. Service Smart gives clients a clear picture of the health of their vehicle. Each Service Smart inspection and report organizes every component into categories. The categories are safety, repair, and maintenance items, which are in order of importance. The clear language and graphics help the clients understand what their vehicle needs now, what it will need in near, and in the far future. We understand that most of our clients have little knowledge of automotive care and even less about what their vehicle in particular needs. What we offer through the Service Smart Program is a resource to understand as little or as much about a vehicle’s needs.


Professional Auto Care believes in clear, open communication between the shop and the client.

You may hear Karolena say “You can be as involved or uninvolved in the repair process as you choose.” We want people to understand completely and see the benefits of the service they are having performed on their vehicle. This is accomplished through straightforward estimates, communicating via email for easy client record keeping and simple reports using language specifically chosen to help the customer grasp exactly what needs to be done and, more importantly, why it must be done. 


Professional Auto Care is an award winning auto repair shop.

The sheer number of awards Professional Auto Care has been blessed with certainly gives the shop bragging rights. However, at the end of the day we just love what we do. We strive to do it better than anyone else with the upmost professionalism. All that being said, we still like to brag about how other people (our clients and automotive industry qualification and certification giants alike) think we are great....so check out the list below!

AAA Approved Automotive Repair Facility (AAR Shop)

AAA Top Shop of Texas Award Winner

ACDelco Professional Service Center

ALLDATA Certified Users

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2013

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2014

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2015

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2016

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2017

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Shop

BG Certified

BG Products Authorized Dealer

Extended Warranties Accepted

Google Maps "Favorite Place"

Military Discount

Recognized Emission Repair Facility of Texas

Referral Program - Care to Share

Student Discount

Voted Best Auto Repair Shop in Houston 2013 by City Search

Voted Best Auto Repair Shop in Houston 2014 by City Search

Voted Best Auto Repair Shop in Houston 2015 by City Search

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